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    Published by the Academic Business Library Directors (ABLD), Ticker is a forum for the exchange of the research, best practices, and innovative thinking in business librarianship and business library management.

    Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2

    The Big Picture: Trends from the Academic Business Library Directors’ Year in Review Reports 2018-2019

    Greg Fleming and Carol Doyle

    This paper presents a summary of Year in Review reports of members of the Academic Business Library Directors (ABLD). Themes include new and ongoing initiatives in libraries, library collections, organizational change in libraries and member business schools and changes in library spaces.

    Bridging Gaps: Libraries and Software Computing for MBAs

    Hilary A. Craiglow and Kelly M. LaVoice

    Increasingly, data comes in large sets, and meaning must be derived by the user. Graduate business students and their future employers are looking for complementary computer programing knowledge to discover and display custom meaning from large sets of data. We present the context for graduate business programs and data analytics, the increasing need for knowledge of software computing and computer programing capabilities, and how libraries are well positioned to play a part in this data literacy. We also present a case study utilizing the Software Carpentries curriculum and lessons to provide a certificate program in software computing for graduate business students. Finally, we suggest opportunities for the academic business library community to further this work.

    The Copyright First Responders Model

    Kyle K. Courtney

    The Copyright First Responders (CFR) system was developed by Kyle K. Courtney, Copyright Advisor at Harvard University Library's Office for Scholarly Communication. The CFR program trains librarians, archivists, museum staff, and other staff and cultural institutional employees in an immersive-style program learning the fundamentals of copyright law. Now in in its sixth year, the CFR system has spread beyond Harvard to reach libraries, archives, and cultural institutions in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington.Keywords: copyright, libraries, education, fair use.

    Systematic Reviews in Business & Management: A New Role for Business Librarians

    Ryan Splenda

    Systematic reviews (SR) are comprehensive and reproducible literature reviews that provide evidence for practice and identify gaps in research. This paper describes the work of a group of librarians at Carnegie Mellon University that is collaborating with faculty on a proof-of-concept management SR for the Campbell Collaboration. Discussions of SR training, developing methodical search strategies, and the role of librarians is included. This service is an example of the evolving role of business librarians and an opportunity to collaborate with our clientele in an innovative way.

    Redesign and Comprehensive Renovation of the Walker Management Library

    Hilary A. Craiglow

    This article presents an overview of the redesign and comprehensive renovation of the Walker Management Library. From ideation to completion, the library is now a highly functional space for quiet study and collaboration and serves multiple purposes for the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. The article describes purpose, process, and final results of the renovation project.